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Fun with Florals;

Fun with Florals

     I have an obsession with floral printed everything!  Lately this had been evident in my skirts and dresses.  Floral prints are so feminine, pretty, and cute to wear.  Here are two outfits I wore this week, what do you think?  Do you like floral prints? I know, “Could my tights be any blu-er?!” …

Favorite Winter/Fall Fashion!;

Favorite Winter/Fall Fashion!

     So, here are my favorite outfits (clothes/hair/makeup/accessories) I’ve worn in the past few months.  I really should post more often in the future so I don’t have huge, really long outfit posts.  I’m going to number them because there’s a lot.  These are outfits I wore from about November through February.  Please comment …



     One of my favorite songs right now is Taylor Swift’s “Enchanted.”  It’s a beautiful ballad type song with Taylor’s usual pop/country style vocals.  The lyrics are so sweet, full of beautiful imagery, and tell the story of meeting someone, falling in love, and wondering if they feel the same.  I love the very pretty, …

You are Beautiful!;

You are Beautiful!

     I know I haven’t blogged in a while (because I’ve been so busy with school/life) but I’m going to start trying to find the time because it’s fun! 🙂  I have a huge post on winter fashion/outfits coming soon and one on winter baking, etc. but for now I have a different topic to …